Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trump Poisons the Well-We Humans can do better

Even before today's Roe v. Wade march some pro-lifers were upset with Trump calling for jailing women for having abortion something every major Western anti-abortion group disagrees with. Trump is also not good for the image of the NRA, and actually drums down real concerns concerning immigration. People want to fight with Trump and end up distracted fighting each other.

I came across an amazing article I had missed, I hope the author updates it
Donald Trump Would Set Back The Pro-Life Cause More Than Hillary Would
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Besides Trump hurting the soul of the pro-life movement. The NRA wants guns for quiet protection or insurance, whether the safety guns provide is real or not, not to brandish around to gain influence with. (Such as Trump saying “Hillary Better Watch Out”) Trump makes people think the NRA are goons.

There must be similar article somewhere on Trump discrediting the 2nd Amendment cause. I haven't yet found.

When it comes to immigration. if travel between nations to get work was as easy as between cities Americans would earn less than a dollar an hour and be hungry some of the time. However there is no real "Save our nest egg" movement to punish employers or give hospitals the payments they would get had the undocumented workers who now need hospital care had employer paid health insurance etc.

Perhaps the Sanctuary Movement should give up something urging that employers pay lost city and state taxes by not collected by not paying immigrants prevailing wages etc. Someone may want bilingual babysitters and childcare, helping the child in many ways including some protection from Alzheimers, but the urge to replace US workers to save money would be missing.

If Sanctuary groups and cities like Philly would start to make sure employers pay prevailing wage for under-the-table workers, Trump would lose his ability to scapegoat Mexico.
It's probably too early for immigrant groups to pull the rug out from under the anti-immigrant hustlers with a real program to discourage employment, but as soon as Trump's Supreme Court decides the Feds have a right to withhold funds from Sanctuary Cities they could do so.

At two sites I praised Philadelphia's Mayor Kenney emphasizing the 4th Amendment not Sanctuary's.    and
There is no need for cities to fight the gun lobby. People who get harassed into making a straw purchase for an aggressive relative also avoid the police when they are needed, Perhaps if they turn themselves in before getting caught they could get a $100 fine. The same if they just banished an unregistered gun at a robber if they report themselves when calling the police for help. Instead of the homeowner trying to solve the problem themself.

Every President since Jimmy Carter won in part y succeeding in the divide and conquer game. There is little else to Donald Trump besides expertise at “divide and conquer” and marketing skill. Let's counter with the let's all unite game. If we succeed Trump will brag about causing it.

Trump Demeans and Discredits Pro-Life, Gun-Rights and Sensible Immigration Control

Donald Trump more than just adds insults and epitaphs to our pubic discourse.

When Donald Trump claimed  woman who have an abortion sometime should be jailed, many pro-life activist said “No” this is not what we want, we want to help both mother and child.

When Donald Trump hinted that a gun makes one an important person and that those who try to take this right away may be killed, Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate was horrified, but not the NRA leadership even though they claim a gun is needed insurance for protection from tyranny and from those jealous of what one has, not for bravo or pushing ones way. The NRA should realize Donald Trump is interfering with the wholesome image the NRA persistently tries to convey. When it comes to immigration, if all the workers around the world were paid equal we would all earn less than a dollar an hour and be often hungry. Before Donald Trump got involved the discussion drifted into who does or doesn’t deserve to become an American, Donald adding in a lot more hate.

He treated those who had faith in, and invested in, Trump University as suckers, and it is an illusion that he is likely to have more respect for anyone who votes for him.He loved to hire subcontractors who act like expensive employment agencies or handlers hiring those totally dependant on their handlers for translation, food and even sleeping at the job site. Donald's Trump's presidency would among other things be an attack on the minimum wage.

Why isn't Hillary mentioning this?

Instead we are told to vote against a 70-year-old man on how he treated women earlier in life. He kept praising the first President Bush's shock and awe policy, not the nation building of the younger President Bush, the Clinton's and Obama, yet this is used by Hillary, sadly even fact check groups are distorting Donald's original stated foreign policy goals. Donald Trump keeps needling her to repeat this distortion. The worst possible scenario would be Stalin's Russia, not the "On the Beach" movie line.

Why do we relying on Hillary for advise on what is wrong with and how to stop Donald's Quackery.

I wonder if there is a macabre little game going on. Donald Trump I suspect got together with the Clintons and Democratic insiders and agreed to destroy the Republican party and trash Republican hot button social ideals. They, not realizing that he was actually planning to be President in the process. He, among other things, constantly sabotaged Republican fundraisers especially in Florida. Hillary is trying to use Trump on the hot button issues he agreed to pretend to support as she tries to defeat him.

In think the best hope is of none of the two getting 270 Electoral votes. Trump hurt too many Republicans for the House to pick him, Two types of voters are energetic not one, and are sure to vote, Donald Trump Groupies, and in two states the "Never Trump" Movement has taken off. Evan McMullin is ahead of Hillary in Utah and 10% in Idaho, Those in the "Ain't Gonna Take It No More" Movement, will vote for someone other then Hillary. Evan could especially challenge Donald Trump if there is a terror attact.

What I think we must do.

In every battleground state, except Utah, it is important to vote for Hillary. Elsewhere except Hawaii vote Libertarian. Hawaii is the one state where the Libertarians aren't ahead of the Greens. If the election is thrown into the House of Representatives, the House is likely to tell Gary if you drop out we will pick the remaining Libertarian Vice President Bill Weld to be President, though it may not be the same as if the President elect died or resigned before assuming office. Evan could especially challenge Donald Trump if there is a terror attack this week.

One ossibility is for Evan to get Utah's 6 Electors and Gary 3 in New Mexico and 3 in Alaska. Then the House would quickly pick Evan unless Gary drop out in favor of Libertarian VP Bill Weld. Bill is the first honest and sober candidate for high office since Eisenhower first ran. Bill supposedly waffeled in New Mexico on whether Libertarians in New Mexico should vote for Gary or Hillary, but in Alaska where Gary has 11% and Donald one more percent then Hillary Bill Weld campaigned extremely hard. It not too late for non-Trump voters to get inspired. The last time there was an electoral college crisis a Vice President candidate ended up President, something we can all work and long and hope for instead of upcoming grief and deadlock. Perhaps this blogging is like trying to win a collective lottery ticket. But if there is hope in the air there will be better choices up and down the ballot list

We can't count on Hillary to stick to the real points on what dangers Donald Trump can bring. Dictatorship and shoving things toward the rich not hot button conservative talking points. Hillary has only 27% in West Virginia coal country as Gary and Donald doing well. If Hillary won't say why it is better for West Virginia to pick Gary over Donald Trump, then other Democratic leaders need to do so.

2016 Presidential Election Polls: Clinton vs. Trump, then look for and check “Display Polls that Include 3rd PartyNominees"

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Two Election Disasters Trump Victory or Hillary Landslide

A Trump Victory could be a problem even for the people that support him like all those suckers who invested in him and his business wisdom at Trump University. Practice, not his preaching, says anyone around the world desperate enough to submit to a gouging shady employment agency or scout will be able to work in Trump's America. His appointments to the Supreme Court would likely actually be based mainly on who those who will back him up. He fleeced, not rejuvenated, Atlantic City, and is likely to do the same to America as well.

Some of Hillary's supposedly changing her mind makes a lot of sense. Like cheering a trade deal until too much Obama compromise made the final draft full of pork. The more votes Gary Johnson gets in the non-battleground states, the better she will be able to negotiate sound trade deals. Much of the Wikileak's revelations are disturbing; but not her private praise of single payer, or her private criticism of Saudi Arabia as the biggest spreader of terrorism. The more votes Jill Stein gets in non-battleground states the more Hillary will be able to do for kids and clean energy.

To change the subject in case you think I love rather than willing to tolerate Hillary and the Dem machine.

I think there is a disgusting game going on. Donald Trump I suspect got together with the Clinton's and Democratic insiders and agreed to destroy the Republican party and Republican ideas. They, not realizing that he was actually planning to be President in the process.

Talk of jailing women for abortion is ruining the helping image that the pro-life movement is trying to convey, and they told him so. Claiming a gun makes you a big man or women is not the NRA's pro-security image they are trying to convey, especially hinting around that those who politically oppose you might get shot. But the gun lobby is lapping it up. Immigration limiting groups want to preserve US privilege, and don't want to live in an equal world since aqn average worker in the world make about a dollar an hour. This gets mixed with hate, and with Donald's help, it is almost pure hate.

Donald Trump's statements on Afghanistan and Iraq are not necessary also scam. Praise the shock and awe of the first President Bush. I am upset that the urgently needed fact check groups are ruining their credentials by linking Donald to the nation-building efforts of the younger President Bush, and the Clinton's and Obama.

A Hillary Clinton landslide is the second worst scenario for the election. It will be the wrong foreign policy mandate.

There is an opportunity for a multiparty future but only if both the Greens and Libertarians do well. A three-legged person or animal is unstable, four is needed for a functioning system. Greens and Libertarians fight racism from different angles both, are needed to try to prevent race war if economic disaster strikes.

Donald refuses to campaign for other Republicans and made so many enemies among Republicans in the House of Representatives that if neither Hillary and Donald get 270 Electoral Votes they would leave the Presidency vacant before voting for Donald. Gary got 19% in New Mexico, where thanks to him Hillary 41% is ahead of Donald's 32%. The rest of the states where Gary is double digit in is Trump country. In two of these states Alaska and Illinois Trump is winning by less than a majority. It would be wonderful if Hillary and Gary would ask one state to vote for her and one for him.

If the House had to choose, Republican hawks voting for Hillary would bring back the bipartisanship of the Eisenhower years. If Gary would ask Libertarians in Hawaii to vote for Jill the only state Libertarians don't have higher polling numbers than Greens, the next election in America would be multiparty and the rich no longer being able to control things by giving to only two sides

There is another factor, Evan McMullin, the stop Trump ex-CIA Hawk, has an incredible 26% in Utah breathing down Hillary’s 31%, Utah has six electoral voted the House would quickly vote for him if he was third and if Gary also got six the House would vote for the top four, again picking Evan. A terror attack would make both Evan and Trump get more last minute votes .

Big states in Hillary country New York, New Jersey, and California would be smart to vote for Jill to stop Evan from coming in third in Electoral Votes.

Saudi Arabia, ISIS, and Al Qaeda think they have a 10th century mandate to make mortals obey God and God's messenger, more importantly ISIS and al Qaeda are upset that Muslims are less and less respecting their own culture and hope terror can make the world again respect Islam. Evan McMullim: I don't want you to be President, but thank you for running, and coolinb ISIS and al Qaeda's likely plans to bring on the war between civilizations with the help of Donald Trump.

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